The beauty of boys!

European Authorities got stiff cocks with the site. I had to move hosting into a secure location and apply additional security measures.

To access it, a special browser is needed.

Step 1: Download Tor Browser

Step 2: Visit beautyboysj2sgq3.onion with Tor Browser


3.8.2018, 9:00pm UTC

Corrupt database

A table has become corrupt. I will restore the database up to the point where the corruption took place.

Update: Done.

29.1.2018, 9:00pm UTC

Network failure

A component in the datacenter went down and a replacement is on its way.

Update: Resolved.

9.1.2018, 10:00pm UTC

Network congestion

Slow network on the provider side.

Update: Moved to new datacenter, adjusted some Tor parameters. The Tor network in general is currently slow, I can't do much about it.

17.12.2017, 23:00pm UTC

Performance issues

The server is currently experiencing performance problems. Image uploads are slow or don't work at all, sadly.
My apologies. I'm already investigating this with my hoster.

Update: All good.

29.11.2017, 23:00pm UTC

You did it ;-)

The monthly bandwith is exhausted. BoB will be back in the coming days, when the new month begins!

15.5.2017, 20:00pm UTC

Server has terrible performance problems.

I will move to a new provider by the end of the week.

22.4.2017, 20:00pm UTC

Launched the Beehive, a similar site for girl lovers.


13.3.2017, around 6:00pm UTC

Minor issue with the bandwith scheduling, downtime of 1-2h.

The site is back online.

13.3.2017, 12:00pm UTC

The site is back online, only in onion space. That means:

1. There won't be any IPs logged ever on the server.
2. All email functionality is disabled.

11.3.2017, 3:00pm UTC

I'm almost done with the preparations for the restart.

9.3.2017, 9:00am UTC

My hoster informed me that the server has been suspended, due to violation of ToS.

"photos of children without legal authorisation of a guardian are prohibited all over the Europe as well as sexualising comments."

All data is safe and has been backed up right before the shutdown. I will set up alternate servers, but this will take some time.

Stay tuned,