The beauty of boys!

European Authorities got stiff cocks with the site. I had to move hosting into a secure location and apply additional security measures.

To access it, a special browser is needed.

Step 1: Download Tor Browser

Step 2: Visit beautyboysj2sgq3.onion with Tor Browser


15.5.2017, 20:00pm UTC

Server has terrible performance problems.

I will move to a new provider by the end of the week.

22.4.2017, 20:00pm UTC

Launched the Beehive, a similar site for girl lovers.


13.3.2017, around 6:00pm UTC

Minor issue with the bandwith scheduling, downtime of 1-2h.

The site is back online.

13.3.2017, 12:00pm UTC

The site is back online, only in onion space. That means:

1. There won't be any IPs logged ever on the server.
2. All email functionality is disabled.

11.3.2017, 3:00pm UTC

I'm almost done with the preparations for the restart.

9.3.2017, 9:00am UTC

My hoster informed me that the server has been suspended, due to violation of ToS.

"photos of children without legal authorisation of a guardian are prohibited all over the Europe as well as sexualising comments."

All data is safe and has been backed up right before the shutdown. I will set up alternate servers, but this will take some time.

Stay tuned,